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Decora Cement - Manufacture of Microcement Concrete Walls & Polished Floors

Decora Cement is a North London based company dedicated to the manufacture, distribution and application of high quality decorative Eco Porcelanic Microcement and supplying concrete floors and polished plaster walls nationwide. Our products come from a technology, research and development over 30 years. Today, we continue to manufacture and develop cementitious products, such as resins, derivatives as cement glues, technical mortar, monolayers, polyurethanes, micro cements, polished plaster and any product that our client could.

What is Eco Porcelanic Microcement ?

Eco Porcelanic Microcement is a modern and extremely versatile decorative finish that can be applied to almost any surface, we also have polished concrete floors and plaster walls. Both water-resistant and washable, Eco Porcelanic Microcement is the perfect finish for almost any area where style and hygiene are paramount. As the interest and popularity of microcement has rapidly started to grow in the UK, it's quickly becoming a modern alternative to both tiling and hard wood flooring.

Our product stands out from regular Microcement available on the market due to its exclusive formula that contains porcelain particles within it, creating a refined look with high resistance to abrasion and impact therefore providing durability and versatility to your surface (low to high traffic floors, wet rooms, polished plaster walls, furniture). Eco Porcelanic Microcement is also flexible and its application builds up a very thin layer (max. 4mm). This new generation of Microcement turns to be extremely efficient once its special installation system developed by Decora Cement prevents your surface to crack.

We have our own laboratory and manufacturing systems, which controls all the development process of our products, thus being able to provide high quality in all. We offer full personal and professional service to the whole UK, supporting you from the beginning of your project throughout the installation of your Eco Porcelanic Microcement.

We offer a range of 9 different products that can be done in almost any colour you may like. You can also choose the top finishing of your preference between Matt, Satin or Glossy or Metallic Glazes.
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Our Features


Resistant to hydrochloric

Acid and any cleaning product.


High Resistance

To Rubbing and wear

Protected to prevent

Efflorescence of lime.

Wide range of colours

Easy to customise

Stable against

Ultraviolet rays.

High mechanical


Non slip

Does not generate


No need to remove

Existing material.

Easy maintenance